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taeyeon in ep 1 of THE TAETISEO 

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them hyuk legs tho


look at everyone else and look at hyukkie


I can’t tell who’s trying and who’s not…

Dongguk University’s Dean who wanted a solo picture with Seohyun

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Siwon Twitter Update | 140828

@siwon407:are you guys ready for the decisive day? 

SoShi’s 7th anniversary is here and I couldn’t let this day go by without giving the props to someone who had extreme, undeniable and utter importance to achieve everything SNSD is and has nowadays. While some people misunderstand and criticize her, I stand up and applaud her for her bravery and for her strength. If we are here today, if SNSD is where it is today, a great part of the credits for it goes to Taeyeon’s unquestionable leadership, because that means she knew how to do things right and how to hold the group together.

Throughout my 4 years as a SONE, I have never seen her show herself being incapable of somethingㅡshe had always shown me proficiency in whatever she did or had to do. In addition, I have always seen her trying her best for us without asking for nothing in return. This is why she’s so extraordinary. She might’ve been chosen as the leader only for being the oldest, but despite that, we can be certain of one thing: that role is hers and only hers. She is just in her right place. Taeyeon leads without even noticing she’s doing so, she leads although she wanted to quit being the leader, and she does that in the smoothest, most beautiful and well-mannered way. She was born to be SNSD’s leader, she was born to be our leader and we, as SONEs, are meant to follow, support and protect her.

So, all I wanted to say is: Thank you, Taeyeon. You did it, and I couldn’t be any more proud of you, I always am. We’ll keep by your side forever, no matter what. There wouldn’t have been a SNSD without you, nothing would’ve been possible without you. You are our cornerstone.
Happy 7th anniversary, Leader.

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The model [x] 

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